How to find & How to use all the Masks in Majora's Mask.

Mask How to find it How to use it
All-Night mask

All-Night Mask

To get it, on the First Night at 12:00 AM, you have to stop Sakon the Thief from stealing the Bomb Bags from the Old Lady, or else those will be at the Curiosity Shop later.

- Then, on the Final Night at 10:00 PM, you can buy the All-Night Mask at the Curiosity Shop for 500 Rupees.

- This mask has one use only: to listen to Anju's Grandmother's stories, which normally make you fall asleep.

- Listen to the first story (Carnival of Time) and choose all the top answers to receive a Piece of a Heart.

- Listen to the second story (Four Giants) and choose "I dunno" to receive another Piece of a Heart.

Blast mask

Blast Mask
To get it, save the Old Lady in North Clock Town on the First Night at 12:00 AM from being robbed by Sakon the Thief. She'll give you this as a reward.

- Wear this mask and press B to explode. Nothing else to it really. Use this when you're out of Bombs.

- Hold R whilst you press it to not take any damage!

Bremen mask

181px-Bremen Mask

To get it, go to the Laundry Pool in Clock Town during the First or Second Night and talk to Guru-Guru who is practicing there by himself.

He will talk about the past and give you the mask he stole because he doesn't need it anymore.

- Wear this and press B to parade small animals around.

- You can use it at the chicken coop at Romani Ranch to make all of the ten baby chicks grow up instantaneously one by one.

Grog will reward you with the Bunny Hood.

Bunny hood

To get it, go to the chicken coop at the back of Romani Ranch and use the Bremen Mask to parade the ten baby chicks around. If you get all of them, they will one by one grow up. Once they are all finished, you will receive your prize.

- Wear this to run twice as fast, thus, jump twice as far! This is extremely useful.

- Also, wear this while playing the Postman's Timing Game to see the timer for the full 10 seconds.

Captain's hat

250px-Captain's Hat

To get it, play the Sonata of Awakening to the giant skeleton built into the wall near Dampé's house.

Chase him down and kill him. Once he's defeated, run up the trail and speak with him

- He will then grant you the contents of the chest behind him.

After he disappears, jump to the other side using the Bunny Hood, the Zora Mask, or get as close as you can and Hookshot to the chest. Open it for your prize.

- Wear this to speak with and command the warriors of Ikana, the Stalchildren (skeletons).

Circus Leader's mask

Circus Leaders Mask
To get it, go to the Latte Milk Bar during the First or Second Night and play each part of the song for Toto the band leader of the Indigo-Go's in all four forms. Gorman will cry and give you this mask in thanks. - This mask has one, simple use in the game. To cause the thieves (the Gorman Brothers) to stay far away when chasing you and Cremia on the way to Clock Town through Milk Road.
Couple's mask

Couple's Mask

To get it, complete the Anju & Kafei Quest.

Go to the Quest's section to see how.

Wear this and talk to the people arguing in the Mayor's Office to make them stop. Afterwards, talk to the Mayor by himself to receive a Piece of a Heart.

To get it, you must get back your Ocarina of Time from Skull Kid and speak with the Mask Salesman.

Wear it with (C) to assume Deku form. Use (C) to change back.

- This allows you to interact with other Deku Scrubs, stun enemies, hop on water, use flowers to fly, as well as shoot bubbles once you learn it from the Great Fairy.

Because you're made of wood, fire is your weakness in this form.

Don Gero's maskDon Geros Mask

To get it, you must light the torches in the Goron Shrine after you put the Elder's Son to sleep with the Goron Lullaby. After you have lit them all, the chandelier above will begin to spin.

Next, use the Goron Mask to roll into each of the five jars that make up the chandelier until you break the one with the Rock Serloin inside.

- While wearing the Goron Mask, take the Rock Serloin all the way back to the Mountain Village and throw it up to the shivering Goron atop the ledge.

He will eat it and have the strength to get home. As thanks, he will give you the frog-like mask he is wearing.

After Goht is defeated, the whole Snowhead area will begin turning back to normal. In the lake in Mountain Village (where the Smiths are) there are some lily pads and a lone Frog.

We have to find the other four frogs and bring them here by talking to them with the Don Gero Mask on.

When that is done, return here and talk to them using the mask to receive a Piece of a Heart.

Fierce Deity mask

Fierce Deity's Mask
To get it, you have to give all 20 normal masks to the kids on the Moon. The last child, wearing Majora's Mask, will give you this mask because you have no more left.

- Wear it with (C) to assume Fierce Deity form. Use (C) to change back.

- While wearing this mask, you look very much like your normal form, but older and a lot stronger. Your sword is now two handed and does a significant amount more damage. Also, while Z targeting, you can shoot beams at your enemies.

The catch is that it can only be used in Boss rooms.
- In the Japanese Version, people call him Oni Link. Oni is a Japanese word roughly meaning "ogre demon". In English, this doesn't make too much sense and is considered "evil" to call someone a demon, but it's really just to insinuate power.

Thus, in English, he is called Fierce Deity Link.

Garo's mask

150px-Garo's Mask
To get it, you have to beat the Gorman Brothers in a race after you get Epona back.

- This mask allows you to get into Ikana Canyon. In certain areas around Ikana it will also cause Garos to appear.

Defeat them in duels to get hints.

Giant's mask

Giant27s Mask
You get it in the Stone Tower Temple before the boss battle.

- Wear this and become gigantic!

It costs Magic to wear though, and can only be used in the desert area you battle Twinmold in.

Gibdo mask

Gibdo Mask

To get it, you have to fix the river in Ikana Canyon.

Go to the cave where to the east and play the Song of Storms to restore the well and start up the Music Box House.
- Wait for Pamela to leave (you can lay a Bomb to make her get out earlier) and go inside.

Run downstairs and Pamela's Father will pop out of the wardrobe.

Play the Song of Healing to return things to normal and receive the this mask

- You look scary with this mask, even Gibdos think you're one of them!

This mask is needed to aquire the mirror shield from the bottom of the well.

Goron mask

Goron Mask
Poor Darmani. He fell down Snowhead and died. Then some Hylian punk comes along and plays him the Song of Healing on his ocarina, turning you into a mask that he used repeatedly, without a word of thanks. Crappy deal.

- Wear it with (C) to assume Goron form. Use (C) to change back.

- This allows you to interact with other Gorons, move heavy objects, roll, Goron Stomp, walk on lava, and even punch with fists of fire.

Goron's only weakness is water. If you go in it you will respawn at the entrance of the place you are in.

Great Fairy mask

Great Fairy's Mask

To get it, grab the Stray Fairy at either the Laundry Pool (day)


East Clock Town (night)

And bring it to the Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town in your normal form.

- This mask will float and shimmer when there's a Stray Fairy in the room.

It will also make those Stray Fairies fly towards you unless they are trapped.
- You have to use this in order to put the Great Fairies back together.

Kafei's mask

Kafei's Mask

To get it, go to the Mayor's Residence on the First or Second Day and enter the room on the right.

Talk to Madame Aroma and accept her request to find her missing son, Kafei.

- Wear this mask to ask people about Kafei.

It's only used a couple times in the Anju & Kafei Quest.

Kamaro's mask

Kamaros Mask

To get it, go northeast of the entrance to North Clock Town in Termina Field and you'll see a pale, half naked man dancing atop one of the giant mushrooms.

Jump over to him and play the Song of Healing to get the mask

- Wear this and press B to dance.
- If you go to West Clock Town during the First or Second Night, you'll find the Rosa Sisters practicing.

Dance for them to get a Piece of a Heart.

Keaton mask

1 Keaton Mask
You get it during the Anju & Kafei Quest. See the Quest's section for more information.

- There are circles of bushes that will come to life when you attack one of them.

They are located in North Clock Town, Milk Road, and Mountain Village (in spring).
- Attack one to make the Keaton appear, who will ask you five questions.

See the Keaton Questions section for more information.

Mask of Scents


To get it, you must race the Butler in the Deku Shrine to the side of the Deku Palace after you rescue the Princess. If you have the Bunny Hood, it'll make things much easier.

- When you get to the end, the Butler will give you this mask as reward.

- This mask allows you to see hidden mushrooms in the Mysterious Woods next to the Magic Hag's Shop, right next to wear Koume get's beat up by Skull Kid

- Bring them back to Kotake and she'll know hwo to make Blue Potions and the first one is free!

Mask of Truth

Mask of Truth
To get it, you have to kill all the Skulltulas in the Skulltula House in Southern Swamp. See the Skulltula House section for more information. - This mask allows you to read the minds of small animals (by picking them up) and talk to Gossip Stones..
Postman's hat

Postmans Hat
You get it during the Anju & Kafei Quest. See the Quest's section for more information.

- This mask allows you to get Rupees out of the Mailboxes around Clock Town.

The first time you check the Mailbox in East Clock Town near the exit, you will get a Piece of a Heart.

Romani mask

Romani's Mask

To get it, save Romani Ranch from "Them" on the First Night from 1:00 AM to 4:30 AM.
- Next, be at the ranch at 6:00 PM on the Second Night to hitch a ride with Cremia to Clock Town.

Along the way, you'll have to take a detour and defend the cart against thieves (the Gorman Brothers in disguise).

- Cremia will thank you by giving you the Romani's Mask.

Wear this to get into and buy milk at the Latte Milk Bar in Clock Town..
Stone mask

Stone Mask

To get it, go to the road leading to Ikana Canyon and right before that cliff where the one-eyed guy appears there's a circle of stones.

Use the Lens of Truth to see an invisible soldier named Shiro.

- Give him a Red Potion to heal him of his invisibility and he'll give you this mask.

- Wear this to be ignored by guards that would normally throw you out, such as those in the Deku Palace and the Pirates' Fortress.
Zora mask

In Great Bay, swim out to the flock of seagulls to the left of the entrance to the area. You find Mikau floating around. Drag his keister to shore and heal his soul with the Song of Healing. His body will disintegrate and yield the Zora mask.

- Wear it with (C) to assume Zora form. Use (C) to change back.

- This allows you to interact with other Zoras, swim incredibly fast, fight underwater, use your fins as weapons, and even shoot them out like

It's one weakness is fire. If you are harmed by fire you will be teleported back to the entrance of the place you are in.